Lemon Hot SauceCayenne Classic Sauce with the double amount of red Cayenne Peppers compare to Creolo Hot Sauce, it is hot and have more Cayenne Pepper flavour. Tasty in rice, soup and marinades and a juicy Louisiana Rumsteak

Lemon Hot SauceHabanero Chili Sauce get their peppery punch from puréed habaneros. Characterized by a slightly fruity flavor, our habanero sauce have a nice, slow burn and gives a nice spicy tang to your meals.
A special recipe reduce the heat with natural additions, like fig vinegar and lime juice. Lemon Chicken Kebabs

Lemon Hot SauceMexican Salsa Picante An old mexican recipe with lots of red Cayenne Peppers. Gives your food the typical taste of Mexico, as in chili con carne and taco fillings.

Lemon Hot SauceChicken Wing Marinade is great for meat and poultry in the pan. For a the perfect Buffalo Chicken Wings, also for shrimps, marinades and dips.

Lemon Hot SauceCayenne Garlic Sauce Made out of red Cayenne Peppers, fig vinegar, salt and garlic. Piquant addition to grilled meat, fish, vegetables, soups, salads, pasta and Lamb Spare Ribs

enhance the flavors of meatsHot Sauce Chili Picante a piquant addition to Dips, Salads and Marinades. Spices up soups, hot-pods and vegetables. Creolo Hot Sauce is a typical creole spice made out of red Cayenne Peppers, fig vinegar, Paprika, mustard, salt and spices, no additional preserve. It's a must for all
classical creole recipes

Creolo Classic Louisiana-styleThe advantage to vinegar sauces is that you can add it in at anytime and the vinegar easily works into the meat. This allows you to add spices and have them sink into the meat giving it plenty of flavor. We're mixing up a sauce of fig vinegar with red pepper to make a hot, flavorful hot sauce.