Fruity hot sauce combinationsFruit based sauces add a sweet, fruity flavor that can really enhance the flavors of meats. Creolo fruit based sauces like Cranberry Hot Sauce, or the Lemon Hot Sauce are ready to prepare your meat and give such a unique flavor that you can really impress your guests with them.
In addition, this flavorful sauces features Cayenne peppers and fruit juice. The sauces are all natural and contain no chemical preservatives. An exciting combo of fruity & hot. Perfect to give you that euphoric feeling- like a trip to paradise.

Cranberry Hot Sauce Cranberry Hot Sauce Full-ripe cayenne chilies meet the sweet-sour flavor of cranberries. With the fresh juice from Paradise Meadow Cranberries of Cape Cod (northern US-States), combined with the spicy flavor of cayenne chilies bring the best of both to your food. One of the biggest requests at our retail store's taster bar. Don't miss it!

Cranberry Hot Sauce is unique, as it is able to enhance any meal or snack. Season chicken, pork, fish or other type of meet with Cranberry Hot Sauce and desired amount of vegetable oil. Stew, steam, grill or roast according to desired taste. Use as a sauce to stir fry any type of meat, seafood or vegetable.

Hot Sauce Chili Lemon Hot Sauce Chili Lemon Typical Louisiana!
A spicy blend of fresh lemon flavors combine beautifully with the hot cayenne pepper to bring the fruit and the heat. Made out of red Cayenne peppers and fresh lemon juice. Like all Creolo Sauces, no preserve added. Great for fish, grilled or cooked!

Try it as a piquant addition to desserts with fruit, salad vinaigrette and yogurt dressing. Here are great recipe: Creamy Salad Dressing 8 tbsp. Yogurt 4 tsp.
Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil 4 tbsp. Hot Sauce Chili Lemon 1/2 tsp. Combine all ingredients. Stir well. Pour over salad and gently mix.