Hot Sauces against boring flavors enhance the flavors of meatsAn increasing number of people prefer their food with a bit of a bite, and Creolo Classic Sauces apply the heat swiftly, conveniently, and with a flavor that can be matched to the food being eaten.
What makes Creolo Classic® Sauces so appealing? Creolo Sauces have the unique selling proposition of being made from the hottest pepper species known. However, this heat is tempered by using fig vinegar and a fruit base for the sauces. Lastly, the sauces have a delightfully fruity aroma and great taste. Try it now! Hot Sauce Chili Picante

Creolo Classic Louisiana-style Louisiana Southern BarbecueThe most popular style, not only in America. Louisiana-style hot sauce contains red chili peppers (Cayenne are the most popular), vinegar and water. The Creolo Classic® vinegar based sauce is the creation of traditional Louisiana Southern Barbecue. These sauces can be used throughout the cooking process and aid in the tenderization of foods.
The advantage to vinegar sauces is that you can add it in at anytime and the vinegar easily works into the meat. This allows you to add spices and have them sink into the meat giving it plenty of flavor. We're mixing up a sauce of fig vinegar with red pepper to make a hot, flavorful hot sauce. Cayenne Garlic Sauce

Chili and Cranberries - together in a hot sauce?Lemon Hot SauceYes naturally! Things you don’t normally think would go together can make a great barbecue sauce. Fruit based sauces add a sweet, fruity flavor that can really enhance the flavors of meats. Creolo fruit based sauces like Cranberry Hot Sauce, or the Lemon Hot Sauce are ready to prepare your meat and give such a unique flavor that you can really impress your guests with them. Use them sparingly during grilling and apply a good coat right before you remove what you are cooking from the grill.
Try our good fruit based Creolo Cranberry or Lemon Hot Sauce next time you are in the mood for something different. You just might give up on those plastic bottled tomato sauces forever. Cranberry & Lemon Hot Sauce

Make your own marinades and dips Marinades & Dips RecipesMarinades are a boon to the barbecue cook. Improving the appearance and flavour of cooked meats, poultry and fish while filling the air with a tantalizing aroma.
Marinades are probably the most important ingredient to any cookout. A good marinade not only keeps your grilling moist and flavorful, but they make it healthier.
With Creolo Classic® Sauces you can make fresh dips and marinades in no time.
Marinades & Dips Recipes